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Understanding NF1

About This Site

What is NF1?
How do I know if I have it?
How is it diagnosed?

What causes NF1?
How can I expect?
What are we learning about it?

What are my medical options?
Are other resources and tools available?

How do I care for and support my child?
How do I talk about NF1?

You will need QuickTime 5 to view the following animations.

Inheritance How is NF1 inherited?

Spontaneous Mutation
How does NF1 occur in a family?

How does a neurofibroma form?

You will need QuickTime 5 to view the following video.

These video segments were taped during June and July of 2002. Transcripts are also available.

After their 3-year-old child, Hannah, was examined by Dr. Bruce Korf, Abby and Paul spoke with him about Hannah and NF1.

Expert Interview
Dr. Bruce Korf explained NF1 and current research projects.

Personal Stories
Andres is 22 years old and a financial analyst with NF1. He spoke with us about how he learned he had NF1.

Megan is an active 18-year-old with NF1. She spoke with us about her experiences in school and her future academic plans.

Miguel is the father of Andres, another interviewee on the site. He spoke with us about having a child with the disorder.

Syrel is a teacher in her mid-40s who was diagnosed as an adult. She spoke with us about life with NF1 as a parent and teacher.

Enhanced Glossary
Key terms and definitions and a selection of images.

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