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Consultation Video

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Abby and Paul are the parents of Hannah, a 3-year-old with NF1. They consulted with Dr. Bruce R. Korf, a clinical geneticist and medical director of the Harvard Medical School-Partners HealthCare System Center for Genetics and Genomics. This consultation occured at Boston's Children's Hospital in July 2002, after Dr. Korf examined Hannah.

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You will need QuickTime 5 to view the video segments.

Segment 1: [2:48]  
Dr. Korf and Hannah's parents talk about NF1 and its occurrence.

Segment 2: [2:30]  
Dr. Korf talks about Hannah's café-au-lait spots, an early sign of the disorder.

Segment 3: [7:05]  
Dr. Korf confirms and explains Hannah's diagnosis.

Segment 4: [1:46]  
Hannah's parents ask about the likelihood of Hannah developing more neurofibromas.

Segment 5: [4:50]  
Dr. Korf determines that Hannah is the first in her family to have the disorder.

Segment 6: [3:39]  
Hannah's parents ask about her life expectancy.

segments 1 - 6 | 7 - 11